Wednesday, June 29, 2011

an angel come by...

An angel came by.... to bring me a poem called brilliant years written on ... a wonderful shirt !!!
Here is a picture of the angel !

Here is a photo of me with the shirt on a Flickr Portrait party meeting. I will make also some more detailed pictures.
Thank you so much Niniji !!! I LOVE this !!! And the size is PERFECT !


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monster inspiration

Bet you all were wondering were Emma's book disappeared to......I've been staring at it for ages! Happy to report that I am finally done. I adore Emma's monsters.....these are my Emma inspired critters. Had great fun doing them.
Jan, your book is next in line, but you'll have to be patient for a bit longer.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Brilliant Years

I had a lot of fun working on Barbara's book; in fact, a little too much fun perhaps so that half of the work doesn't even belong physically on the notebook (nor in a video). Exactly what is it? It's a surprise for Barbara to find out. On my next trip to the post office either tomorrow or the day after, the two "parts" will head toward two different directions: the book is going to oO and the ___ is going to directly to Barbara. (I'll need to confirm with Barbara about her mailing address, Barbara can you check your flickr mail please?)

Anyhow, so with the notebook part...

this little sticker says 尋夢 which means chasing dreams.

I bought this postcard from IKEA years ago with pictures of all these different par avion/ airmail stickers.
Have you guys ever posted things and wonder if it ever reached the person to whom you meant to send?

"continuing toward the end of this heat haze
I wonder where my thoughts have gone
your footprints have disappeared
and you cannot be reached
again I want to see you…"
I have inserted into Barbara's little "Memories/Souvenirs" envelope a melancholy little song "Brilliant Years". The translation to the rest of this song is the part that's going to Barbara which she'll see first.
By the way, I LOVE this stamp from Barbara (can I use one and hold the other one as hostage?). But I have no idea who this person is on the caricature though.