Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi. My name's Jan and I'm an artoholic.

I like Penny's idea of posting an intro. Well, I did. Right up until I had to decide what to write about myself.

I do so many things I'm not sure where to start. I call myself an artist and if asked I say I'm a painter. I also do printmaking and make books, both blank and artist books. I like to keep journals and sketchbooks too. I have a part time day job at a primary school where I assist Kinder to Year 2 in the computer lab (eg. we teach touch typing from Year 1 on), do graphic design for the schools special publications and teach the teachers about Web 2.0 technologies. Currently I'm training them to use Photoshop Elements. The hardest part of this intro comes now when I have to decide what images to add that represent my creative out put!!! Here goes...

That last shot is of one of my journals I made in progress when I was in Italy a couple of years ago.

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Hi! (If no one likes this idea I will delete this). I'm Penny and I draw cute stuff! I also sew a bit too. I was trying to think if I could incorporate sewing into a Moleskine... I am not sure. Hrrm. We'll see.

I like to draw bunnies & cute little things (I think this is rather glaringly obvious!), and usually when I draw it's with pen or india ink, and a bit of watercolour. I have been trying pencils a bit lately too.

What do I want from the Moleskine swap?
Anything! I am a bit nervous because the ones Emma has done before look SO good! But seriously, anything. I will love whatever you all draw! (Unless it is a picture of John Howard or some such.)

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's get this started! Work in progress.

I started this the other night and felt the need to keep going last night despite being very tired. I know it is not done, but I thought I might share it with you. I am a little concerned for when I go away for 6 weeks from mid September to the end of October, but I guess you can all hold off sending to me in that time.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Getting Ready?

I dug up an old photo I took when I first started the moleskine exchanges (ahh, my nice desk in France!) to see how you are all going getting your moleskines? Ready? Anyone got a theme? No theme? Do I chose the mailing order? Please comment if you have any preferences.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What a brilliant group!

Kind of a nice cozy winter thing to do, don' you think? moly_xing?

80°F and sunny here in Minneapolis today. Ha!