Saturday, September 24, 2011

oO update


This is just a quick note that I'm back in action and should be able to finish and send the 2 moleskines that I currently have in my possession and send then along to Australia.

A lot of stuff has been happening over the summer so the whole sketching thing, or at least the MolyX component of it, had to take a back seat. I've recently decided with my business partner to close down our mobile technology consultancy, and I just started a new position in a film studio in LA. I'm the new Director of Technology at Method Studios, and that in itself is keeping me pretty busy.

I'll send you an update when I can, but something every interesting happened with my sketchbook recently. Actually it all started at the beginning of the summer. I was sitting on a bench in Chinatown, sketching and drawing away, when I was approached by someone that was very interested in my sketchbook. I let him look into it, we talked for a little while and exchanged business cards.

Last week, that guy called me back, and told me he was working with a gallery in Chinatown to organise a sketchbook exhibition, and was I interested in showing some of my work. So I gave him my 3 most recent sketchbook for the show. I'll send more data as soon as I know when the show start, but we are planning for october in LA's Chinatown.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rowland's book, ready to travel again.

a quick note of the media:
diluted craft glue for the lace, red & a tad bit of brown acrylic for the heart.
pencil and watercolor-pencil for the fox.
some iridescent watercolor over the business card.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Memories from an English Summer

now I am back in California.

Working on... almost done with Rowland's book. I tried following this "stream of consciousness" trend just to see where it'll take me. I hit several dead ends before coming to this composition (or lack thereof). I've been in a collage-y mood lately. So I started out by pasting a couple items to the pages (and they are: a piece from a lace ribbon bought from a haberdashery in London, and a business card from a garden gift shop) hoping some inspiration will come soon after.
Well, ideas didn't come gushing but I ended up looking through my tourist photos and found this gigantic straw fox I saw from the bridge at Waterloo and decided to make a drawing of it.
I still need to give it some color (or colour?) and then the book will be ready to move on to o_O. (btw, I passed by a Japanese restaurant called "Ozu/小津" near Waterloo and thought of o_O for a second.)