Friday, September 9, 2011

Memories from an English Summer

now I am back in California.

Working on... almost done with Rowland's book. I tried following this "stream of consciousness" trend just to see where it'll take me. I hit several dead ends before coming to this composition (or lack thereof). I've been in a collage-y mood lately. So I started out by pasting a couple items to the pages (and they are: a piece from a lace ribbon bought from a haberdashery in London, and a business card from a garden gift shop) hoping some inspiration will come soon after.
Well, ideas didn't come gushing but I ended up looking through my tourist photos and found this gigantic straw fox I saw from the bridge at Waterloo and decided to make a drawing of it.
I still need to give it some color (or colour?) and then the book will be ready to move on to o_O. (btw, I passed by a Japanese restaurant called "Ozu/小津" near Waterloo and thought of o_O for a second.)

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oO said...

I actually have a japanese stamp called OZU 小津 that I got made when I was last in Japan. That was the closest to the prononciation of my last name, and since it is an actual japanese last name it has real kanji instead of phonetic approximation. :-)