Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rowland gets a dragon

I have been a bit busy, and have had this moleskine loitering on my desk, done, while I procrastinated if it was... well, it is. I have Barbara's also in a state of where to go from here after I started. It is brewing in my brain. Never fear.
I'll find out of Jan wants Rowland's while I still work on.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Poppy lady

My entry in Helena's book!

As Helena draws wonderful female creatures and plants, flowers, greens.... I was inspired by her and found I had to make something female and flowery.
Pencil and watercolor.
On the first page I put an envelope where everybody can add treasures. I put some very old stamps from my old stamp collection there. You can use them in your creations.

Helena I hope you like it.

I now post the books to Jennifer. Or maybe I still add some text in it?! :-) I cannot stop!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

oO's book : can you hear the music?

Here's a picture of oO's book in progress and finished! I make a collage with very fine hand made japanese paper with golden cherry blossoms on it to hide away the shining through of the silver washes on the front side of the paper.
I glued some blossoms around Rowlands drawing to make the link. and finish with blossoms on the right as well to hide away a shining through.

As oO has this music USB-stick in his book, I want to make something about music. So I took a page of a partita of Bach and started to paint the music in the Moly. I will finish with watercolor washes of course, on this fine Arches paper Moly. I use winsor & Newton watercolor and the fine new Sennelier watercolor with honey.

I took 4 pages after Rowland's drawing, and then I continued to the left around Rowland's two pages darwing.
I glued an ex-libris in the lower left coorner because the paper was damaged on that spot by the USB-stick stuck behind.

oO I hope you like it!

Jenn can I send you the book ? Are you at home for the moment?