Sunday, June 10, 2012

Poppy lady

My entry in Helena's book!

As Helena draws wonderful female creatures and plants, flowers, greens.... I was inspired by her and found I had to make something female and flowery.
Pencil and watercolor.
On the first page I put an envelope where everybody can add treasures. I put some very old stamps from my old stamp collection there. You can use them in your creations.

Helena I hope you like it.

I now post the books to Jennifer. Or maybe I still add some text in it?! :-) I cannot stop!



二月niji said...

I absolutely LOVE this entry!!! The captivating red and the soft-and-flowiness of the petals!
Now I'm inspired to make an entry to have something to do with petals too. Can't wait 'til it's my turn to draw in this book!

barbaraluel said...

Niniji I'm very happy to inspire you!!! Hmmm! Maybe I should have made the petals go on some more pages all along the book?! But now I wrapped it up in a decorated envelope for Jenn already so I let you do that : put some red petals along!

benconservato said...

It is lovely. Helena's book is a love of red.

二月niji said...

can't help not to notice: the blue stamp laying on top of the envelope is one from Taiwan!

p.s.: if it's not too much hassle for those of you who will see this message, may I please have a stamp (a used one will be o.k.) from each of your country in my notebook? One from Australia would be enough (and I think it's still there).

EWian Eli Veronica Wian said...

She is so super sweet!


Little Mo and Friends said...

Oh Barbara!! Thank you so much!! She is so lovely and whimsical! Sorry I replied so late, I've been away and this is such a nice 'welcome back' imagery:) xoxox love love!

barbaraluel said...

Great you like it !!!