Saturday, September 24, 2011

oO update


This is just a quick note that I'm back in action and should be able to finish and send the 2 moleskines that I currently have in my possession and send then along to Australia.

A lot of stuff has been happening over the summer so the whole sketching thing, or at least the MolyX component of it, had to take a back seat. I've recently decided with my business partner to close down our mobile technology consultancy, and I just started a new position in a film studio in LA. I'm the new Director of Technology at Method Studios, and that in itself is keeping me pretty busy.

I'll send you an update when I can, but something every interesting happened with my sketchbook recently. Actually it all started at the beginning of the summer. I was sitting on a bench in Chinatown, sketching and drawing away, when I was approached by someone that was very interested in my sketchbook. I let him look into it, we talked for a little while and exchanged business cards.

Last week, that guy called me back, and told me he was working with a gallery in Chinatown to organise a sketchbook exhibition, and was I interested in showing some of my work. So I gave him my 3 most recent sketchbook for the show. I'll send more data as soon as I know when the show start, but we are planning for october in LA's Chinatown.


二月niji said...


Well, I live in Orange County and sometimes go to LA. (I still need to see the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA before it ends.) Please let me know when it happens and perhaps I'll get to swing by and see your sketchbooks in real life!

benconservato said...

Nice one!
That is pretty cool. Congratulations for all the changes and things happening in your life. It always happens all at once.

jennifer kraska said...

Congrats! Love stories like that!

Little Mo and Friends said...

Congratulations! It's so good to hear all the good news and changes coming along your way! I am sure you will do a fab work at your new job! Can't wait to hear more about your exhibition...and see some new drawings!