Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Hi! (If no one likes this idea I will delete this). I'm Penny and I draw cute stuff! I also sew a bit too. I was trying to think if I could incorporate sewing into a Moleskine... I am not sure. Hrrm. We'll see.

I like to draw bunnies & cute little things (I think this is rather glaringly obvious!), and usually when I draw it's with pen or india ink, and a bit of watercolour. I have been trying pencils a bit lately too.

What do I want from the Moleskine swap?
Anything! I am a bit nervous because the ones Emma has done before look SO good! But seriously, anything. I will love whatever you all draw! (Unless it is a picture of John Howard or some such.)

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Jan Allsopp said...

Hi Penny. I sort of know you from DUST etc. I'm looking forward to this swap. Good idea with the intros. I'll do mine soon.

helena said...

this is a good idea pennybunny, I'll try to think of something interesting to write for my intro. And yes it would be cool to incorporate sewing into your moleskin art! I can't wait to see your creations!


Sam said...

Oh! Penny! Curse it all - I have just finished a John Howard portrait - *curses under breath*! No, I'm just joking...:0)

By the way, how are you guys posting on this blog like that? I think it's a great idea to post an intro and would like to do one too!! Sorry if that's a silly question!!

benconservato said...

hehehe, your John Howard thing made me think of the screen printer I used to work for. For the "Carte de Voeux" for 2007 - 2008 he printed a picture of Sarkozy (the now French President who called the immigrants scumbags) on a piece of toilet paper. Oh yes!
I promise no hairy eyebrowed people will be in your book, unless it is a monster.

Penny said...

Ooh if it's on toilet paper it would be okay!