Saturday, March 3, 2012

Moly_x_3 the whole lot!

I'm sure you've all been waiting excitedly to see the moleskines all spread out. As promised:

Top to bottom: Em's book, Barbara's book, Rowland's book.

And the two completed moleskines: Ewian's book, Jennifer's book.

Have posted Ewian and Jennifer's book off to Emma. Will start on the others soon. There's so much lovely artworks in all of the books that I'm feeling a little nervous on my part!

But it's also nice to see the whole project coming together nicely (slowly but surely) and it's wonderful to see all of you lending your time and effort on each of the pages. Nice work everyone! Keep it up!


barbaraluel said...

I'm so excited about getting new books soon !!!

barbaraluel said...

DOn't be nervous! Your contributions are great!!!

Jan Allsopp said...

Don't they look fabulous!

jennifer kraska said...

Amazing contributions! I love this group :)

emon xie said...


EWian said...

So fun to see them all lined up.