Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rowland's Moleskine

Hi guys, sorry this is late. I had artist block for awhile. It was bound to happen...after receiving 5 moleskines at once. Here is my contribution for Rowland's book. (I've been thinking about gnomes lately!).

My scanner isn't large enough to see what the strings are tied to. You'll see it soon enough when you get the book. Can't wait to see how others interact with this drawing.

Will post Rowland's book off to Jan this week.


二月niji said...


Rowland's book is just two more stops away from its original owner, right? And I believe there are a few more books in this exchange that are almost back to their owners! Awesome!

EWian Eli Veronica Wian said...

Looking good, you have so sweet gnomes.