Thursday, July 12, 2012

Barbara's Moleskine: Falling Man

I actually sat down and did Moleskine work today. Three is too many to have on one's desk.
This is Barbara's and I am going to send it to Jan with Rowland's. I know, I should have done that a week ago, commitments have taken over my life (the Pop Up shop mainly that I was unexpectedly a lot more work than we all expected), now it is cleared a little and organised, I feel relaxed enough to think about this.


barbaraluel said...

Oh wow!!! Don't worry you're late. This is great!!! Thank you very much!!! I' m lookin forward to see it for real!!!

二月niji said...

I just love everything with the usual "Emma touch".

and whoa! is Barbara's book almost making its way around the whole group for the first time, too? I believe so. (and btw, where is my book?)

And a little news I want to share with you: I am having my first solo exhibition at my friend's cafe in Taiwan. It's going to be a tiny one with some photos and some illustrations (and some doodling on the wall...), but it's a start.

yey! I feel like an artist now!

benconservato said...

Nice one on your solo exhibition! Hope you are happy with how it is.

EWian Eli Veronica Wian said...

Something about the illustration reminds me of a newborn. I enjoy the sight of the different styles, great job.