Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sing your heart out!!!!

I sat on this one for way too long.  Sorry about that.
I added three little birds singing their hearts out in oO's book.  I thought the paper that Barbara added looked kind of like a wing shape, so I tried to build off of it.  The rest is history.  It's a really cool book and I loved working on the watercolor paper.  Might have to look into making one of these guys for myself someday.
In other news, I will be moving back to the States in December.  I've been in contact with Barbara, she has sent books to me and I expect them any day now.  I will send oO's to EWian this week.  I still want to be an active member of the group, Barbara will just need to send to Michigan instead of Germany :)
Be well.


Little Mo and Friends said...

Just bursting with life!! Feeling so inspired right now hehe! Thanks for sharing Jen and have a safe trip back to the states xoxo

Great work everyone...loving all the books! Keep it up!

jennifer kraska said...


I have received my book and EWian'S book from Barbara!
Soooo excited to get my book back filled with all sorts of goodness. Thank you all! I will post pics in the next couple of days.
I am in the process of moving from Germany back to Michigan, USA. Sorry EWian, but this means I won't be able to even think about your book until January. Please be patient. Your book will be safe and I will get to it as soon as I get somewhat settled again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I'm still a little confused--- there seem to be a couple of books which haven't moved. Could everyone post something to say which books they have? Mine seems to have disappeared off the radar, and two have yet to get to me, I think....


二月niji said...

I have Helena's (Little Mo and Friends) book with me right now.
Similarly, I have not heard about my book for a long looooong time...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your message.. But I'm still confused as there is no anji on the spreadsheet... Are you ninjii?!

二月niji said...

@Rowland: yes, I am niniji. I think my book is still somewhere in Australia.