Thursday, December 13, 2012

more figs, and then we're off to see the wonderful-wizard-of-Oz(oux)

Helena's notebook is ready to move on. Is oO ready to take it? Should I wait until after the holidays?


oO said...

You can send it now. I'm not going anywhere for the holidays and I'm planning to have some "art time" set aside for this and other projects. Been working too much lately and not drawing enough... :-)

二月niji said...

The book was sent on Friday. Sorry it might be a little late to make it to your holiday art time, but anyhow, wish you a happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Hello world,
Hope you all had a great Xmas and a have a prosperous New Year.

Can somebody tell me where my book is?

I get easily confused as the names on the spreadsheet don't match with the usernames.

Yours confused of Umbria,