Wednesday, June 29, 2011

an angel come by...

An angel came by.... to bring me a poem called brilliant years written on ... a wonderful shirt !!!
Here is a picture of the angel !

Here is a photo of me with the shirt on a Flickr Portrait party meeting. I will make also some more detailed pictures.
Thank you so much Niniji !!! I LOVE this !!! And the size is PERFECT !



二月niji said...

Oh lovely! I'm so happy to hear I "guesstimated" your size well. ^^ By the way, I used a fabric marker and fabric ink pad so the shirt should be somewhat washable (might fade a little bit).

barbaraluel said...

Oh but then I won't wash it!!! I was wearing it this weekend in Barcelona for a Flickt portrait party meeting and everybody was asking about where I got this wonderful T-shirt!!! I post some photo's!

EWian said...

What fun you interact beyond the books.


benconservato said...