Monday, June 13, 2011

Brilliant Years

I had a lot of fun working on Barbara's book; in fact, a little too much fun perhaps so that half of the work doesn't even belong physically on the notebook (nor in a video). Exactly what is it? It's a surprise for Barbara to find out. On my next trip to the post office either tomorrow or the day after, the two "parts" will head toward two different directions: the book is going to oO and the ___ is going to directly to Barbara. (I'll need to confirm with Barbara about her mailing address, Barbara can you check your flickr mail please?)

Anyhow, so with the notebook part...

this little sticker says 尋夢 which means chasing dreams.

I bought this postcard from IKEA years ago with pictures of all these different par avion/ airmail stickers.
Have you guys ever posted things and wonder if it ever reached the person to whom you meant to send?

"continuing toward the end of this heat haze
I wonder where my thoughts have gone
your footprints have disappeared
and you cannot be reached
again I want to see you…"
I have inserted into Barbara's little "Memories/Souvenirs" envelope a melancholy little song "Brilliant Years". The translation to the rest of this song is the part that's going to Barbara which she'll see first.
By the way, I LOVE this stamp from Barbara (can I use one and hold the other one as hostage?). But I have no idea who this person is on the caricature though.


barbaraluel said...

Dearest Niniji!
OF COURSE you can keep the stamp, that's what this is for: people put things in the envelope and take souvenirs out of it! Félicien Rops is a belgian painter:
Thank you very much for your wonderful dreamy work in my Moly ! I love your collages, drawings, poems...!!! I can't wait to get it back. Yes I mailed you at Flickr the address you have is correct: Barbara Luel Pecheur, rue des Merisiers 55 , B-1170 Bruxelles - Belgium

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

I'm a little puzzled it's been nearly five months since I sent two books onward and nothing seems to be heading my way.... is there a hold up somewhere or is someone waiting for my address or what? Help :-))

Jan Allsopp said...

Hello everyone. I'm part ofthe holdup. I've got 2 books here safely looked after. We are renovating our home and it has taken all my mind and time. The most demanding part is almost completed. Molys are at the top ofmy to do list after that. Soon. I promise!

benconservato said...

Well isn't this all intriguing!?
I am very interested to see what this moleskine is like when I see it in person.

Rowland, you are unfortunately on the end of the Australians, so I have never seen one since I did Jan's at the very beginning of the original group. So, eventually, the moleskines will pass between the four of us here, and you'll have yourself a stash.

oO said...

Now would probably be a good idea to update the spreadsheet with the current location of all the sketchbooks. Did everyone create one and sent it along?

that means we should have 10 notebooks floating along somewhere around the world.

barbaraluel said...

I did two books after mine... Am impatient to get a new one and to try some drawings with "collages" :-)
I'll post Niniji's dream poems as soon as I get it !! Thank you Niniji :-)

二月niji said...

went to the post office today. oO will probably receive the book tomorrow and barbara will probably receive her part in a week. ;-)
(can't wait to hear back from barbara already.)

jennifer kraska said...

fantastic as usual!

oO said...

Got it. pretty busy this week, but I'll start working on in this weekend I hope.

二月niji said...

I'm going to London for a little over a month, from 13 July to 25 Aug.
EWian, unless you are planning to send out Rowland's book this week, in that case I'll get the book in time and bring it with me, or else do you mind holding on to Rowland's book for a little longer?

EWian said...

Hi, I'll set my self down and enjoy the entry's next week. Rowland's book is already sent, I just have not had the opportunity to upload pictures or be on the computer much. Just give me until next week and I'll catch up.


二月niji said...

awesome! in that case, I'll be looking forward to getting Rowland's book from EWian and taking it with me on this month-long trip to England. Can't promise I'll be working on it during the trip (I am not bringing my paints with me, the most I can do is sketch) but I'll be able to admire the existing works for longer. The books are getting more and more exciting as we move along the exchange.

二月niji said...

I have just received Rowland's book from EWian and it looks amazing.
Well, I'm counting down the days to my trip to London (my boyfriend is over there). I am going to take this book on a trip with me and see what happens. :)

EWian said...

So fun to see how you play in the books :D


Little Mo and Friends said...

I'm back from my holidays..and yes I'm also excited to get back into drawing. No books have been sent to me so I suspect Karena (magic jelly) is still working on them:) before passing them to me.

I have done two books so far...olivier and niniji