Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Girl in a BearCat suit

I just came back from the post office, and Jennifer's sketchbook is now on its way to Australia. With my little additions. These are not really inline with the "pretend" theme, with the exception of the girl in the bear/lion/tiger suit.

Hopefully there's enough blank space and textured paper to inspire others to multi-layer other details in.

I feel better not leaving a sketchbook behind as I take my own sketchbook to Paris for a week for a quick getaway, the excuse being that my grandmother is turning 103 (one hundred and three!!!) this weekend, and that seems like a good enough reason.



Little Mo and Friends said...

Ooooh good stuff! I like the furry mangy suit and the textured paper idea!

And 103 years old! That is a momentous occasion to celebrate! I think we have to see a portrait of your grandmother on your sketchbook!

benconservato said...

Wonderful, I love all your paper and the suit too.

I am astonished at the 103 years too. What a feat! I hope your enjoy the celebrations.

I look forward to working in some books soon.

jennifer kraska said...

Greeter....love it! I think its a lovely addition and now I want to be a bearcat :)

103 is something to be celebrated for sure.....the stories she has to tell must be amazing. Enjoy Paris, I was just there a few weeks back. Magical city that I instantly fell in love with.

Thanks for the awesome entry.

Anonymous said...

The bear-cat looks great but I'd read Hotel New Hampshire (John Irving) before wishing to be a woman in a bear suit . .

emon xie said...

Love this for a variety of reasons, most of all the way the layered texture and drawings interweave. Wonderful work!

barbaraluel said...

Happy birthday to your grandmother !! Listen carefully to all stories you can gather from her! I felt I hadn't enough from my grandmother!

This entry looks great !! Would like to see it in real!

EWian said...

103! WOW, that's something. The best of luck to her! Lovely playfulness in the illo.