Monday, May 2, 2011

Work in progress: Olivier’s book

Since Olivier's book has watercolour pages, I've decided to bring out my watercolours for his moly. It's been awhile since I've painted.

While flipping through his book for ideas, I kept coming back to the lady with the look alike bear ears. So Oli....I give you....a bear, some leaves and flowers, and a cat sticking out of this shrubbery madness!


I've started adding colours...will post more pictures when I'm finished.



二月niji said...

awesomely cute!! & loved that interaction!

emon xie said...

Really beautiful, love the detail around her shoulders and her splashy eyelashes!

oO said...

Nice, finally someone that dared mixing things up a bit. I like it when artists take over each other's drawing.

I love the splashy eyelashes too, and I'm happy that my girl is now up to her shoulders in green stuff!

Nice work Helena

EWian said...

Fun to see in progress pictures and to hear some of the thoughts that you have in the process.