Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barbara's book

Moly_x_3 Barbara's book1
Here are the entry for Barbara's book.

As mentioned yesterday, I had a lot of trouble finding the right motive. I ended up with a dragon inspired by the Norwegian stave church (Wikipedia) On it's back it has a girl. She is playing the flute. The clouds are super iridescent, do not show up in the photo though.

Moly_x_3 Barbara's book2
Progress so far in the book.

Medium used: pencil, permanent marker, velvet decorative tape, promarkers, gel pen, iridescent watercolours and acrylic paint.


Little Mo and Friends said...

Ohhh very sweet! I love the clouds! I wonder what music the girl is playing:)

二月niji said...

"I wonder what music the girl is playing:)" <--- hmm... that's what I'm wondering too. and since the notebook is coming my way, I get to pick a song. (yey!)

btw, I did play a flute when I was little (the Boehm kind, and I was in my high school's marching band ^^Y").
a flute is usually played on the right side though. (like guitars and basses, maybe there exists a small number of left-handed flutes too)

EWian said...

Well this it what I love about this project, getting exciting on what comes next.

I am not sure if she is right or left handed or what kind of flute she is playing, the only flute I have played is the recorder
( )and it is held outwards from the player's lips.

二月niji said...

@EWian: she is playing it left-handedly (opposite of how we normally play a flute).

benconservato said...

well she is very talented playing it left handed! Very nice.

barbaraluel said...

FANTASTIC !! I like it a lot ! And it's a great souvenir of Norway with the dragon ! Norway has been one of my favorite trips :-))

二月niji said...

the book is now with me!
so excited to start working on it.

barbaraluel said...

Great !!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the result :-))