Monday, April 18, 2011

Finished & ready to pass on!

Hi all! I'm sorry I'm so behind with finishing up Olivier's moleskine. On top of having a busy workload, I've been having trouble with my eyes for the last few months, so any chance I get to rest them rather than draw/paint/sit-at-the-computer, I've been taking.

I'm unsure who gets this next, so if someone could please contact me & let me know, that would be much appreciated. I also have my own moleskine that I have to send to someone. I'll get that done asap & send it to whoever is supposed to get it!

I hope I haven't caused too much inconvenience!!!

PS. I don't use Blogger & just had a devil of a time trying to get my pic the right size.


Little Mo and Friends said...

yaaaaaaay karena!! So happy to hear you're back onboard with us! I'll email you now...because you're supposed to pass O's book to me. If you get back on the blog homepage, the artists names on the right hand side of the blog is the order of how the books are to be passed on.

Love your collage. Awesome work!

oO said...

She does exists! :-)

I'm sorry about your eyes. must have been a rough patch. Hope you're feeling better now. Since we weren't hearing back from you, I sent Niniji's sketchbook directly to Helena, skipping you, so both of you can decide what to do about that.

I'm pretty much done with EWian's so I can send that one to you if you're back in the rotation.

P.S. very nice work! I love it, and thanks for the little piece of Kangaroo Island in the top corner...

Magic Jelly said...

Thank you to both of you! It looks like I'm back on track (hooray!).

Well spotted about Kangaroo Island! I thought it would be nice to include a little piece of South Australia. :)

benconservato said...

Very pleased to see you. Sorry to hear about your eyes, that must have been horrible for someone that is so creatively minded. Good to see you back! Your piece is beautiful.

All over, it is fine once the moleskines are in Australia, considering they get passed amongst us before going to Italy. So all fine I figure. Before your molskine goes back to Europe Olivier, you'll have four more entries in your book.

二月niji said...

Hi Karena, so glad to have you on board with us. Your work has a very magic-jelly-kinda'-touch!! and I can sort of see oO's watercolor strokes seeping through the two ends, I can imagine both your works blend beautifully.
My book, which has skipped you and went instead to Helena... not to worry~ it is intended to be a book where everybody picks a random place that they like and draw anyway. Order is not an important matter as long as it makes 4 stops in Australia before heading to Italy~

Magic Jelly said...

Thanks Emma & Niniji! I'm really happy to be back in the loop! :)