Monday, April 11, 2011

book on the move

Just a quick note that I mailed Niniji's book, reunited with her playlist to Australia last week. I forgot to take pictures, but I ended making a few little changes as well. I guess it'll be a surprise.

Right now, and unless we hear back from Karena (magic jelly) I'm passing her over and sending the books directly to Helena (little mo & friends). I'm still trying to decide if I should create a new sketchbook for myself and send it along or assume that Karena will eventually re-appear and send it along for the rest of its journey around the world.


p.s. I've started working on Ewian and the other book in my possession, and will probably send both of them along shortly.


二月niji said...

thanks thanks!!
I hope your book does turn up soon.
and congratulations for being able to pick up a pencil again. :-)

benconservato said...

She'll send it along I am sure, she is usually a very busy woman. So hopefully she'll appear soon.

Magic Jelly said...

I'm here - sorry about that! I just need to know who to send it to.

Little Mo and Friends said...

Niniji's book is with me now. Thanks Olivier.

I'll organise with Karena later and when I'm done with it, I can send her the book...and she can send it to Jan next. Then WE SHOULD BE IN THE LOOP again:)

Keep drawing guys!