Thursday, April 21, 2011

Leaving for Australia

OK. Here's EWian's sketchbook getting ready to leave for Australia. I ended up just adding various doodles, pretty much using the sketchbook as if it was my own. This one is going directly to Karena, I'm so happy that she's back in the loop.

Voila, I'll try to go to the post office during lunch.



二月niji said...

Always wondered how you make your splashes... those on the girl's eyes look awesome. And, what does it say in the writing on the right?
Great use of the monkey stamp (stamps). -_^

oO said...


The writing is (more or less) part of a song from Jacques Brel called "The Waltz of a thousand steps" (La Valse a Mille Temps)

So I managed to work both Mathilda and something about Waltzing into the sketchbook... ;-)

As for my secret signature technique, well watercolor is water, and when you blow on water before it's dry, you get splashes. the trick is getting some control over the process. a straw is a very helpful tool for that.


oO said...

Oh and the book just left. Post office was crazy. There was a single window open, and of course I get there shortly after someone with a cart full of packages that monopolized it for at least 45 minutes.

I think I almost drained my iPhone's battery while waiting in line...

Magic Jelly said...

That is so beautiful!

I love Jacques Brel - I've been listening to Les Bonbons over & over again lately because it reminds me of autumn.

benconservato said...

Come to us little moleskine!

EWian said...

Beautiful! So happy with how this book is coming along, thank you!