Thursday, January 5, 2012

set up the mailing list

Hi all,

Per Barberaluel's request, I've gotten the skinny from Melissa, the admin for group 82, on how to send a mail out to everyone when someone has posted, etc.

Here's the instructions as a friendly FYI:
  • From the "settings" menu within blogger click the tab for "email settings"
    scroll down to the setting "email notifications"
    type in the names you have, or make everyone an admin and let them add their own.
I've done this for your group, as well as checked and you all indeed do have Admin privledges.

Here's hoping the group will spring to life again and get flowing with goodness once more!




Little Mo and Friends said...

How do I type/edit the excel sheet? I can't seem to do anything on it.

barbaraluel said...

Thank you E !
Little Mo, just clic on the status, change the sheet in your browser (with Google Chrome it works), and then clic on "share" and it's done.

I hope we can continue this group forward.
Who has my book?


二月niji said...

thanks e!! I am keeping my fingers crossed and really hope this group will spring back to life soon.
my column on the spreadsheet is up-to-date: and that means the last book that passed through my hands was Rowland's book, it has moved on to Olivier. Ewian has gotten in touch with me and told me that she has posted Emma's book, I should be receiving it any day now.

By the way, I am moving to Taiwan in February. I may come back to the States next year, or maybe later, or maybe never, who knows? Anyhow I will contact Ewian with my mailing new address.