Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1,2,3 c'est reparti... Three sketchbooks ready to go!!!

Ok. I know have all 3 moleskines in my possession ready to go somewhere else. I just need to get addresses. Should I send Rowland's back to him, or forward it along with the other two? Also if Karena is out, who in Australia should I send the other two?

Rowland's book

Barbara's Book

Emma's Book

Although I reserve the right to add a few more things to Emma's book first. So where do I post all this?



二月niji said...

C'est formidable!

and that means Emma's book has made it around and heading back to Australia already - almost back to its owner.

二月niji said...

btw, I always like how you use white on the nose tips and boney prominences of the body.

benconservato said...

Almost back to me, I'll have to draw more in it I am sure. That is sometimes lots of fun to add more.
I look forward to getting it back soonish.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE will somebody update the spreadsheet-- there seem to be two books ready to come back to me which according to the spreadsheet haven't visited most people.... also I've lost track of who's who-- Whose Oo? I've no idea where anything is! I've been bookless for a year now . . . I'd just like to understand what's happening.

Little Mo and Friends said...

hahah great work O!!

I like that the girl in emma's book kinda looks like a spunky emma if she had short hair!!

I love all your girls!! And I look forward to seeing more of them!!!

barbaraluel said...

LOOKS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

barbaraluel said...

Olivier I think you can send them to Helena if I understood well, and she will dispatch them to others if she has too many books.
Rowland, Oo is Olivier Ozoux, lives in USA. Right Oo?

emon xie said...

Awesome images, love the artwork, and super thrilled to see this exchange coming back to life again! You're a very talented group!

EWian said...

Lovely illos.