Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Moly book status as of 1st February 2012

Ok just an update on all the moly books. Mostly for Rowland (can sense he's getting a bit frustrated:)

As of 1st February 2012:

Olivier (00) (USA) has 3 books: Rowland Jones' book, Barbara Luel and Emma Kidd. All finished (except for Emma's book as he'd like to draw a little more). Usually it would go to Karena but as of 1st February, she is no longer in this group and has pulled out.

Jan Allsopp (Australia) has 2 books - Helena's book, Olivier's book. All finished. To be sent to Emma Kidd (Australia).

Karena has 3 books - Niniji's book and 2 more books that I'm not sure belongs to who. They could belong to Ewian (Norway), Jennifer Kraska (Germany) or Jan Allsopp. She has only done 1 book and has not touched two books. She has already told me that she will be sending all the books back to me (she will not continue working on them). I have yet to receive them.

As I have already worked on Niniji's book last year, I will send it to Jan and work on the remaining 2 books from Karena.

And FYI now that Karena has pulled out, Olivier should be sending all 3 finished books from his end to me (Helena) as my name is after Karena. Our names on the homepage of this blog is the order of how the moly books travel. If that is the case, I will have a total of 5 books to work on because of the pile up...and that is ALOT. I don't want to rush with the books and I don't want to take my time either. So suggestions please? I'm happy for O to pass some of his books to anyone who is willing to work on them first. But as always this is open to discussion.

I hope everyone is clear with the book status. If anyone would like to correct me on the book status, please do so:) And I hope we are still in happy spirits!

And please guys, lots of positivity and creativity! This is supposed to be a fun project. And I understand it's gone through some hiccups but I bet it will be worth it when you get all your books back:)


barbaraluel said...

Hi Helena!!!
Thank you so much for taking trouble of updating the status!
I'm happy the group wakes up and hope Karena will send you the books soon because it 's not so nice not to know where is one's book.
I am happy to do a book now so feel free to send me one or even two !
I have time now.

barbaraluel said...

Or Jan, you're next in the list, and then Emma. Do you want books?

jennifer kraska said...

This update is very much appreciated. I am still VERY interested in continueing with the group. All the recent activity and entries are great.

benconservato said...

Jan has sent 2 books to me, looking out for them.
Yes! Positivity is the key, with you there Ms Helena!

二月niji said...

Thank you Helena! for the much-needed update on where the books are. :-)
Jan Allsop's book I am pretty sure is with EWian (Norway). Since tracing back the blog, Jennifer Kraska (Germany)'s purple columbine was the freshest entry in that book. I have been receiving books from EWian slowly but steadily, so I am pretty certain to see that book in the next month or so.
So that means all the books have been accounted for now.

Since Rowland Jones (Italy) is calling for his book to be returned to him from Olivier Ozoux [o0] (U.S.A.), that means the other two books in oO's hands will probably go to Helena Tay (Australia), along with the 3 books Helena is waiting to receive from Karena Colquhoun (Australia), that's 5 books total. Minus my (niniji's) book which she has already done, that's still 4 books to work on. Wow~ that's a pretty heavy load.
But since most books are conveniently in Australia (where we have most members located), I think tweaking the orders a bit within the three of you (Helena, Jan Allsopp, and Emma) might be more ideal than dispersing the books too far. Again, with the issue about books being sent half way around the world then back to Australia again... etc.
Let's see if this works: have Olivier (oO) send the two books to Jan Allsopp instead so Jan can work on two books while Helena has three (one being niniji's book that has already been worked on by Helena). And then swap?

Little Mo and Friends said...

No worries, I will email O now & cc Jan, we will work through the books together. Keep up the great work everyone!

Jan Allsopp said...

Good idea. I think it makes sense to send them between us Aussies, even if out of order, to take the load off. I look forward to getting them. Thank you Helena for all your organizing!

Magic Jelly said...

Um, not quite accurate... I would appreciate it if you'd edit the post to show that I made contact with Emma, Jan & Helena last week to apologise for not being able to continue due to a health issue. I have 3 books & have completed one. 2 books I'll be passing to Helena & 1 to Jan.

It was actually ONE week ago that Helena emailed me with her address, not 2. Books are in the post.

On top of all this, I don't even have a book in circulation, so I don't think it makes me such a horrible person for only completing a few before pulling out with a valid reason.

benconservato said...

I have recieved the 2 moleskines, Olivier's and Helena's. I will take them to France with me, get them done, and send them on.

oO said...

All 3 books that were in my possession have been mailed earlier this week to Helena! I would expect them to be there early next week.

EWian said...

Hi, my status is:
*I have one book, Jan's
*Need to post two blogposts for the books.
*Not sending Jan's book until Niniji is settled in Taiwan.
*Need to edit and put music to the video I have filmed during making of these illos.

The best to Karena, take care of your self!


二月niji said...

yes, yes. I am going to Taiwan on Feb 22nd and I will be there for a long long time. So EWian is holding on to Jan's book until then just to make sure I will get it. :-)

二月niji said...


videos!! we sure miss them! can't wait to see your videos again.

Little Mo and Friends said...

Niniji! I'm going to Taiwan in june for a holiday. Would you like to meet up? :)

二月niji said...

@ Helena,
holy moly yes!
that'd be so exciting, wouldn't it?

I'll be in Taipei, and hopefully will be like a local by then. You can ask me questions about that place. :-)

Little Mo and Friends said...

What your email? I'll email you closer to the time:) We're going to Taipei for a few days and then we'll travel around the region.

二月niji said...

nigatsuniji (at) gmail (dot) com.
great! I'll look forward to seeing you!!