Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Helena's & Olivier's Moleskine about to take a trip to Italy.

So in between seeing every relative and friend imaginable (more relatives than anything), I have managed to get the two moleskines sent to me in Australia done whilst here in France.

They are now off to Rowland by the end of the week.
Top is Olivier's, bottom one, as you have all seen a preview is Helena's.


二月niji said...

wonderful! I have always adored Emma's monsters.
bon voyage! les cahiers.

Jan Allsopp said...

I love your monsters too and these are fabulous!

Little Mo and Friends said...

Yippie!! Looks great em!! Love my flying monsters and O's creatures too!

Save "flight" monsters and moly books!

EWian said...

Love how you played around with the motive.