Friday, September 28, 2012

I just received Jenn's and Ewian's book! I will take them with me to Barcelona next week to work in them :-))
They look gorgeous!



EWian Eli Veronica Wian said...

So fun to see the book, not long now and I get to see the wounderful art work you all have made :) so looking forward to it.


二月niji said...

Those were the first two books I worked on after I sent out my own! Back then they were still mostly blank pages. Now they are almost going back to their original owners... I wonder if I'll see them coming around the second time?

By the way, any word about my notebook? I haven't heard about it for a long time. :(

Rowland Jones said...

I've just sent two books on to Barbara- the books seems to all be stuck somewhere

barbaraluel said...

Rowland, whiche books did you sent? Were it 2 other books then these 2?

Anonymous said...

The last books I sent were those I sent in September. So I don't know which books you mean?! What was the post mark? Do they have my drawings in?! I'm more and more confused by this exchange..