Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pretend to be a bird

Jennifer's book
I am working in Jennifer's book.
Her theme is "pretend". I was inspired by a lovely paper origami bird that I bought to support Fukushima victims. Origami art is very fascinating, or how a flat sheet of paper pretends to be a bird...
Jenn, I put the little bird in the back pocket for you :-)

Who do I send it to? Is everybody still active?? Jan, ??? Emma??? According to the status sheet you didn't do anything in the book. Do I send it to you or back to Jennifer? Please respond.


jennifer kraska said...

Love it!
I thought that I remember Emma doing an entry in my book. Could be wrong though.
I can't wait to see all the entries! I've been involved with quite a few of these exchanges, but have never received my book back. Very happy!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer said: Is everybody still active??

A good question :-)

I'd love to see more books--- and hopefully my own at some point!!

二月niji said...

*wave wave* I'm still active! Waiting for my next book, whoever's book it is. And more importantly, I wanna know what's happened to my book!

barbaraluel said...

Wow Jenn you never received a book back? That's sad... :(( maybe it's best I send it back to you then.

barbaraluel said...

You're right Jennifer there's an entry from Emma in the book I think. The status sheet is incomplete.

EWian Eli Veronica Wian said...

Hi, still alive and drawing. Just finished Helena's book just need to take some pictures and the book will be of to Niniji in Taiwan later today.


Little Mo and Friends said...

Gorgeous work!!! As always!

Am still here...the only book I have with me is Emma's book...and I'm really savouring it for awhile longer...cause once I send the book back to her, it would mean her moleskine would have made the full journey circle!!

So the pressure is on me to do something really nice with it:)