Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Niniji's mermaid

Finished working on the mermaid in Niniji's book. I still don't like how the paper gets these weird marks in places when it gets too wet from watercolors, but nothing that a few splatters and splashes can't hide.

I'll be sending this one on to Australia in the next few days. I should probably make sure it's in a waterproof bag first. Hope all of our Aussies have been staying as dry as they can. I just heard from some of my friends near Brisbane, I guess it's been really scary in places.


Stacey D said...

That is fantastic!
That moly paper does do weird things when watercolor comes along.

emon xie said...

Great work, especially like the highlights, really effective!

benconservato said...

Wonderful start!
yes, the water soaked paper is a bit of a problem, but yes, we can overcome!

Wet, wet wet here, the Queenslannders are just getting it, it is really sad and astonishing the amount of freak water incidents happening there at the moment. Then we have out of control fires on the other side of the country, it is a country of extremes Australia.

二月niji said...

She. is. gorgeous!!
O_Q <---(my tear of joy.)

so my book is really going off to Australia? wow. it still amazes me to think that my notebook is going somewhere I've never been.

jennifer kraska said...

She is so elegant! Good work! ESP like the hand.

I sometimes use gouache, feels like watercolor, but more opaque.

oO said...

Thanks, I had to redo the hand, because it didn't make biological sense in my initial sketch. I'm actually pretty happy how it turned out.

There's still plenty of room to add other things in the water and the sky.

At this point I wonder if I should hang on to it for a little while longer, since Karena just got mine, and it might be while before other books start arriving from europe to niniji and then to me.

EWian said...

She is just wonderful! Nice job. Fun to see how things evolve.


Little Mo and Friends said...

gah...I'm a bit late in finding this blog!! So here is where everyone is! Thanks em!

The mermaid is beautiful...she's also making me feel quite intimidated by the sheer talent of this group!!!