Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sketch waltzing mathilda

Sketch waltzing mathilda
Here is the sketch, finished picture will come soon.

The theme I have chosen for my book is "waltzing mathilda". This is one of the first thing I learned about Australia. My father is one of those musically people who is always whistling a tune. "Waltzing mathilda" was one of those that was repeated. Sweet childhood memories. As a child I always thought "waltzing mathilda" was about about exploring the world together. You'll come a waltzing matilda with me? So the motive is a girl starting her journey, wondering what she'll see and who she can bring along for this walkabout. I am so exited to see how the book evolves and what it will bring along on it's journey.

I change the paper in the book to watercolour paper. I think it can handle a bit more beating and I like the feel of the texture. However this process of chaining the paper made me realise I need a scoring board... it didn't turn out strait at all. But as long as it fit in side the book, I am happy. There is a first time to everything right? The book is done and on it's way to the next in line, niniji. Well that's it for now, I'll post pictures of the finished book tomorrow. (The back need rest now.)

In other news: Sorry, for lack of posting earlier, an acute back pain has for the last month and is still keeping me from typing much on the computer. In addition to have to write some blog post I have about 300 email to sort through so I'll get back to you soon. However physiotherapy and acupuncture is helping to move things back to normal.


二月niji said...

I learned about a new song today. Thanks!! "Waltzing Matilda"... I never heard this song before.
Looking forward to it! Meanwhile, let me listen to this song a couple times and get some ideas in my head...

barbaraluel said...

Ewian, take care of yourself with your back pain!!!
This is a lovely story about Waltzing Matilda.............. Now I will have the tune in my head for the next couple of days for sure!!!