Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Template proposal

As oO asked about, how about a template to track where Molys are, who with, or in mail to?

Following a template Moly friend Melissa Woodland recommended, I have an Excel template, screen print pictured here, for what it'd look like.

The question is, if you all like it, who should maintain it? Ideally this should be someone in the group, and a single person that can wrangle the updates and maybe weekly post a new jpg of the group status to help keep things flowing.

I understand Jan has been in other groups with similar tracking. Did this process help?

If you like this idea let me know and I can send you the XL file. Meantime I'll try to read through the posts to see where books are currently, or if you want, reply with what you have or have mailed recently on this thread and I'll post an updated template to get it started.



[oO]: This is what the google spreadsheet looks like so far. Send me your email and I'll add you as an editor (we can all use our blogger accounts for that) and you can mark send/received or whatever status of the books you have.


oO said...

Since we can't do tables in blogger (thanks google) how about we create a Google spreadsheet instead? this way it can be shared with everyone.

Moly x 3 Status Spreadsheet

If you email me your blogger/google email I can add others as editors, but we should all be able to see the document

right now I'm the only editor, but I can add others as well

emon xie said...

Even better, makes it a living document instead of screen prints.I'll send you my gmail for the case you need my help on occasion.

二月niji said...

I think the use of the google spreadsheet is a brilliant idea (that is, do we all have a blogger/google account?) that way, each person who physically has the notebook is responsible for changing the marking. It's certainly an accurate and efficient method.

my gmail account is "nigatsuniji".

ooooo! may I make one more suggestion? maybe have two types of markings: X&O, or R&S(for received and sent). When you receive a notebook, mark it to let everyone know that the book is with you, once you are done, change it to "S" to show that book is traveling. Does that sound like a good idea?

benconservato said...

sure, sounds good. Usually there is someone who keeps a track of it unofficially. But this works.
Perhaps you can grant us all access OR just fill it as people post here.

I personally have done mine and Jan's book. I sent it to Rowland, who hopefully, gets it soon. Someone else who I sent a book to before rowland has only just got it, so... hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

My e-mail rwlndjns@gmail.com

Can we enter the books as sent or received ?

I still haven't seen a book .... I'm concerned they're alll going to arrive together AND when I'm away from base too!

barbaraluel said...

Yes this spreadsheet is a great idea to keep in touch on the progress of the books to know which book is where !! Good also that everybody has access to the spreadsheet so no one has to do all the work alone! We all have sometimes absent or busy moments... Here's my mail: barbaraluel@gmail.com

jennifer kraska said...

Like this idea.

二月niji said...

How about posting this spreadsheet to the margin for the ease of access? (I added it right below the artist list)

Btw, I haven't heard from EWian in a while. I sent her a flickr mail last week to ask how are things going... still waiting to hear back from her. But she did reply to my first email in December so I'm sure she knows my address and that's where her notebook is going.
Just wanted to let oO know that you'll have to wait a while to receive a book from me since I'm waiting for my next book still.

Anonymous said...

You're waiting for your next book! I'm waiting for my first.... obviously mail from Australia to Italy is not good. . . . . .

benconservato said...

Patience is sometimes key with postage to Italy. I know I used to wait a little while for things to arrive to me from AU when I was there. Plus we had the holiday season. Still saying speedy, safe arrival affirmations.

Jan Allsopp said...

Sorry its taken me a while to comment here. Yes the chart makes it very easy to keep track of how you are going as well as your book. I personally relied on it in the couple of exchanges where it was used.

The Google spreadsheet is an ingenious improvement!!! Now it won't be up to one individual to trawl the comments for updates! Brilliant. I'm pretty sure you can log into google with a yahoo address but to play safe I'll give you janallsopp[[at]]gmail.com as my address.

二月niji said...

my next book is also my first book... lol~

Anonymous said...

That makes me feel better.... I was beginning to feel like the one left after the football team had been picked...... :-) and I don't even like football . . .

EWian said...

I like the living document! On up dates I have sent my book on it's way to niniji and have received Jennifer's book.