Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello from Italy . . . a very wet Italy

Glad to be a part of this group, and looking forward to . . . . .well, actually doing something :-) I have waited over two years on 1001 journals and received nothing. This already seems more buzzy!! So a few questions, how do we trace where the Moleskine is, and how many pages do we do? how long do we have to do this?

Anyway a quick introduction: I started keeping a journal in 2003: first of all as a pocket-sized counsellor, but gradually it evolved into what it is today-an illustrated glimpse of my life. Everything on my blog comes from the journals. (except may be the odd you tube nonsense....) The name of the blog comes from what is says: a journal never crashes, never needs recharging and you can keep it to hand in your pocket: even if that doesn't sound like too much of a contradiction.

My work has been featured in Zuiderlucht a Maastricht-based arts paper for the last two years, and an Amsterdam publisher of miniature handmade books has published a book based on my journals. Zuiderlucht are currently previewing 'My Imaginary Lives' described by the editor as a 'graphic novel for the 21st century'! Phew!!

I am a musician and you can hear my 'contaminated blues at Hope you like it!

Enough for now: look forward to collaborating with you all in Cyberspace . . .


二月niji said...

your RAM is too cool!!

I counted 30 pages in my notebook... and we have 11 people, that means we each should do roughly 2.5 pages (?) However I already planted marks all over my book because I'd like mine to be an interactive one; I don't mind if everyone can be a little intrusive about spaces in my book and work around, over, & under other people's works (hope that's okay?). Meanwhile you might like your book done differently. It should be your call :)
I'm fresh to the moly_x_ thing so I'd like to know from the more-experienced members how to move things along as well. What happens when we don't hear from someone for a long time?

benconservato said...

The not hearing from someone for a long time can be one of the bad things about moleskine exchanges, but usually they reappear with the life happens excuse, only once, that I know of, did we actually have to chase someone.

Interactive moleskines are really nice to work in. Marty's from MolyX-71 was one of the nicest moleskines I ever worked in, he had covered the whole thing in different layers of screen printing ink. That exchange was / is completely interactive too.

oO said...

Same here. If you've seen my own sketchbook, I tend to overload each pages with layers of drawings and whatnots, so I would rather have people work outside a contiguous 2.5 page per person format.

the fun part of collaborative work is to creatively feed of each other.

I would love if our sketchbooks ended up more like something like this: Sketch Theatre: Baby Tattooville Art Jam

Jan Allsopp said...

Yeah, I'd love my book to look like that too!!! Emma do you still have my book? Maybe I can get it back and add interactive bits to it before I send it along again?

EWian said...

Keeping a visual/art journal is so much fun! Interactive Moly's sounds like fun too!