Tuesday, November 23, 2010

(a tiny step forward) niniji's work in progress.

that's right! I am starting from the right end of my notebook to make this a lefty Moleskine. (even though I am not left-handed.) This is going to be the body of my main piece called "Wish". I still need to figure out what to use for color (not sure what looks good on this type of paper yet). Meanwhile, I am also wishing for a lot of fun interactions to happen in my book so I will spend the next couple weeks trying my best to set a stage for it (but whatever you do, please do not fill in those empty Daruma eyes for me ^^).
the story about Daruma's eyes.

Nevermind my Asian-ness(LOL~). My book does not have a theme.
It is going to be a themeless, left-handed Moleskine. Yey...


benconservato said...

Lovely, lovely start, I haven't yet been presented with a left-handed moleskine, even though I am also left-handed (pesky smudging going on all the time).
New starts are always exciting.

Jan Allsopp said...

Looks like it will be a very interesting book to work in!

oO said...

Ha ha! Nice idea to have a left-handed moleskine!

Although you could have flipped the sketchbook upside-down so the page is anchored on the right and still start at the beginning of the book instead of the end... ;-)

I'm left handed as well so I'm looking forward to your book!

二月niji said...

@benconservato & Jan Allsopp :
thank you thank you ^^

hmm... that is a very good idea. it would have been a left-handed, UP-SIDE-DOWN book, then. Would've been a pretty cool salute to our antipodean friends eh? Too late though, I'm already half-way into finishing up my part. (p.s.: please check your flickr mail.)

emon xie said...

So much energy, wonderful!

EWian said...

Thanks for sharing the history about the eyes of Daruma, there is always so much fun to learn new things. Looking forward to seeing your art work.