Sunday, November 28, 2010

HellOOooo from Brussels! I am trying to figure out how this blogging works to try to present myself... :-/
I am Barbara and I live in Brussels, where I work as an architect, and I started studying again in Antwerp as well: conservation and restauration of wall paintings. But I can still make time to sketch and paint and have fun with Moleskines, so I am looking forward to start this Moly !!! So how does it work actually? I have already to send one myself to someone? To whom first? Is there an order to follow so one wouldn't get 10 Moly's at the same time?
Looking forward to contribute :-)
Here's my Flickr page:
And here's my web site (but there's not so much on it... )
When you post your Moly's, please take care to mention my full name: Barbara Luel Pecheur, Rue des Merisiers 55, B-1170 Brussels ! I wouldn't want them to get lost!
My Moly is ready to leave! Who wants it? Then I would need an address to post it to :-)


Anonymous said...

Love the watercolours of Venice.

二月niji said...

I think we might be going in the order as appeared in artist section appearing in the right column. Is that right, Emma?

benconservato said...

yes, that is right, sorry for disappearing, I have around 100 emails in my inbox and a big art market this weekend, so am a little distracted and swamped.

Unless someone has an issue about the order on the side, we can go like that, don't be shy if you don't like it.

二月niji said...

ahah, actually, I have communicated with oO, who is a gentleman and decided to allow me to go in front of him in the order. ^^;
Meaning I will receive EWian's notebook next and send mine to oO. And he will send his to Karena.

barbaraluel said...

Well Thank you for all the comments! In the meantime I made my Moly ready to leave and added the pictures! All orders are fine to me :-))

barbaraluel said...

Thank you rowlandjones!