Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Days of Repetition

my work in progress in Jennifer's book of "pretend"...

how it is going to tie-in with the theme and how it is going to finally look like is still a big secret ;-)

to me...

Japan is like an older sister to Taiwan(my home country),
people say we look alike sometimes.
She use to be bossy and annoying when we were young
but we are in good terms with each other now that we're all grown up.
When she is in pain,
I feel her pain too... almost as if it were my own.

May those whose lives have been severely affected by the quake and tsunami soon return to normal.


Little Mo and Friends said...

beautiful, love the precise patterns!

EWian said...

The patten looks so neat, love the way you have added several colours and depth to it.