Monday, March 21, 2011

Peter's Leeks (in Jennifer's book)

I used this hexagonal tessellation pattern in the background because they remind me of daffodils.

Instead of calling this a time lapse video showing my work in progress, this video is actually the work itself. While the girl and the cat are fixed in one position permanently in the book, I have tucked the rest of the cut-outs I made for the animation into the back pocket of Jennifer's book. Anyone can take them out to play... (or use, if you want).

(the texts don't really appear in the book; they've been added on using photoshop.)
girl: I am a garlic.
cat: Aweeeei~

There is an old Chinese saying that when a daffodil doesn't bloom (水仙不開花) it is pretending to be a garlic (裝蒜).

p.s. a tour guide once told me that the Welsh term for daffodil is Cenhinen Bedr (Peter's leek), hence the title to this entry. (hats off to Rowland~)


jennifer kraska said...

Love, love, love!!! A daffodil pretending to be garlic!
***big smile****
Love the animation too!
Thank you....this is quickly turning into my favorite book of all time!

emon xie said...

Really pretty!

benconservato said...

Nice one!
I won't repeat what others have said about the garlic, but that is funny.
Love your little animation too. Very slick.

Jan Allsopp said...

Terribly good fun!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I have to admit that I didn't know the thing about Peter's leek - - but funnily enough a few days ago we were trying to think of another country which has a 'National vegetable' !!

EWian said...

The animation is grate! What a wonderful saying. Lovely how you work evolved!


barbaraluel said...

FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Mo and Friends said...

hahahaha kitty doing a dance!! love it!

二月niji said...

@everyone: thanks!!
and I shall think of something different for the next book, hoping to deliver the same amount of surprise.^^

Jennifer's book is ready to be oO-bound. Is oO still tied up with lotsa' work? Would you like me to hold on to Jennifer's book for a little longer or would you like me to send it to you already? (I don't mind either way) Since oO made the post about his inspirational playlist
I've been wanting to do one too. I hope it's not too late for me to send a little USB key along with Jennifer's book over to oO, there it can catch up with my book for the rest of the way? oO has done a beautiful job without them so please don't work too hard trying to interpret these songs when you get my book. :-)

When I wrote about my entry in EWian's book I said I had never planted cosmos before. Well, I went to a garden store yesterday and bought some cosmos seeds and just planted them in my backyard this afternoon. Now I officially have some cosmos!

oO said...

Hopefully that last book will arrive just as I finish some of my current, non-art related deadlines. I haven't touched a pencil in weeks (maybe even months) so who knows what will happen when I release all that pent up creative energy....

Send me the soundtrack, I still have you book, so I can add it to that before I send it off.

(speaking of books, I still haven't heard back from Karena, whick is why I still have it. Anybody heard back from her?!?)


benconservato said...

I suggest you send and email to Helena (Little Mo) and get her address. I have tried to contact Karena also but she never replies. Unless she has someone's book, let's assume she is not participating. Sad but true. too many moleskine exchanges have come to a grinding halt due to one person. (Just look at molyX29, I love that group, but it is just at a stand still).

oO said...

I'll skip her for the other books, but she has mine. that would suck if it disappeared.

Although I guess I could start another one and just sent that along with the other ones to little mo...

Let me contact Helena, and send a last email to Karena.

二月niji said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your book, oO! Hope we'll still get to rotate your original book. On one hand it's disappointing to hear someone leaving; on the other hand, I am feeling a great deal of excitement and momentum for this group now I'd hate to see it come to a standstill.
Jennifer's book and my soundtrack-in-a-matchbox (and more...) will be in the post heading towards oO tomorrow. Here's something I did because this playlist had just been compiled two days ago - a couple months after oO already made his beautiful drawing in my book: there were at least two songs in the playlist that were picked because their melody remind me of oO's work (reverse-inspirational tracks... perhaps?). I'll keep those a secret until oO's heard those tracks. ^^
Not so much to do with the lyrics, (don't worry about them... I hardly know what the songs are about myself XD) but the way each melody gives off different colors and warmth (metaphorically), sometimes they form pictures in my mind.

二月niji said...

p.s.: I specifically meant the mermaid piece. :-)

oO said...

二月 二月 ji

I received the package, and eventhough I'm still not holding a pencil in my hands all weekend (again!) I couldn't resist opening the package and I'm now listening to your playlist (retroactively)

I wasn't expecting when Moonlight Sonata really kicks in, but I'm enjoying it. Your book should leave for Australia, reunited with its playlist, early in the week, with others to follow shortly after.


benconservato said...

Yes! Coming to Australia!
Soon to be in my hands.