Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Once a jolly swagman sat beside the billabong (Huntington Beach, California),

and I got Jen's book from EWian today ♪♫ :-)


jennifer kraska said...

Hey, I was just in Huntington beach a few weeks back. Love it there!

benconservato said...

That book is the fastest moving book I have ever seen! Well done people!

jennifer kraska said...

Barbaras book is finally on it's way to EWian .
Sorry for taking so long to get it out got in the way.

二月niji said...

I haven't started working yet, been just admiring the existing works in the book.
I had a chat with EWian on facebook a couple weeks ago and she taught me about a few materials she uses which I never knew about (eg. mica powder, masking fluid...etc.). Would it be cool if I continue to bother you guys with questions about materials and techniques? It'd be a good learning opportunity for me (would love to discover some good brands too). It's nice since I'll have the actual work in hand, seeing its colors and its textures.

Dear Jen, I notice some water(?) stains in your pages. I love that old-treasure-map look and they don't seem like accidents to me (are they?). Seeing how non-absorbent these lovely papers are, even techniques on how to create nice-looking stains are worth talking about... haha. Did you use something like tea to make these stains? And for your lion, did you use pastel or color pencil? The color is so rich and deep.
You were HERE a few weeks ago? (I don't live in Huntington Beach, but close enough.) That's kind of a cool thought... small world!

I'll save my questions for EWian until her post is up to not spoil any surprises. :-)

jennifer kraska said...

Hey no problem, learning different techniques and being exposed to different styles is one of the things that make these exchanges so awesome!
The stains were created with a tea bag. Really rub it might look like you've ruined the book, but it seems to work itself out once dry. I've found that paper can really take the abuse. Colored pencils were my weapon of choice for the lion head.
Keep the questions and great entries coming!

benconservato said...

I like tea too, I tend to pool the water colours on the paper too, and yes, you think... oppsie (that's being very polite in the nicest possible way), but, yes, it works itself out. I like the paper for that reason too. It seems resistant, but, in fact, it is pretty workable, and to many mediums.

EWian said...

What fun!

Have I told you I love collaborative projects, more and more? Looking forward to the next book!

Nice tip on the tea, have to try it out on this type of paper.

Getting to know your materials and techniques are so important and so much fun! Sharing knowledge is one of my favourite things in the world, the chat we had was a good reminder on why I become a teacher, thank you!


二月niji said...

btw, has oO received EWian's book from me yet? I actually sent this many weeks ago, and I'd be terribly worried if you haven't received it yet...

waiting to hear back from you.

oO said...

Sorry I've been swamped with multiple deadlines recently, and I can only dream of a time when I can pull out pencil and watercolors for a bit of offline time.

I did receive EWian's book, and I still have Niniji's since we haven't heard back from Karena at all since I sent her mine.

二月niji said...

no worries oO! I'm just relieved to hear the book hasn't gotten lost. ^^;
you won't have anything against me taking a little longer with Jennifer's book, then? I have the concept in my head but just haven't worked out a way to present it visually yet.