Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jan's book leaving to Jennifer

Jan's book is leaving to Jennifer.

Jan's drawings in the beginning of his book, with great looking people, and Emma's fairy tale drawings, inspired me for this drawing, but also another fairy tale book, and my wonderful grandmother who left me last week.
Grandmother, symbolising all who is dear to us, is gone but keeps watching all over everyone to make sure life is going all good for everybody :-) keeping the good memories alive.

"Ik ben niet echt dood, moet je weten
het is maar een lichaam dat ik achter liet
dood ben ik pas, als jij mij bent vergeten" ¨[Bram Vermeulen]

"I am not really dead, you know,
it's only a body I left behind.
Dead, I will be only, when you will have forgotten me"


二月niji said...

May your grandmother's soul rest in peace. You have found a very beautiful way to celebrate memories of her in your illustration and thank you for sharing it with us. :-)

Jan Allsopp said...

As I said on your flickr page Barbara, I am truly honored to have your memories of your Grandmother in my book and I will treasure it. I love the sense of peace in your drawing. Thank you!

barbaraluel said...

Thank you Niniji and Jan, for your lovely words !!!!!

jennifer kraska said...

what a beautiful, calm illustration.

Little Mo and Friends said...

Thanks for sharing barbara, what a beautiful theme...can't stop smiling at the picture! I'm sure grandma feels the same too! xoxoxo

benconservato said...

I lost my grandmother recently too, so I feel what you mean.
Lovely, lovely, illustration.

barbaraluel said...

Thank you all for your warm comments!!!!!!!!! I really miss her for the moment :-(