Friday, December 10, 2010

Goodbye Sketchbook, Hello Sketchbook

My sketchbook is in a padded envelope and ready to leave for its little trip around the world, starting with Adelaide, Australia as its first stop. I'm both excited that other people will get to add to it along the way, but a bit sad that I'm not going to see it again for many months...

I also just finished compiling a little inspirational playlist to go along with it. In no particular order, apart from their filename:
  • alberto fortis - il duomo di notte
  • anna f. - most of all (karl moestl remix)
  • charles webster - sweet butterfly
  • coeur de pirate - comme des enfants (le matos remix)
  • deadmau5 - i remember
  • flight facilities - crave you
  • friendly fires - paris (aeroplane remix)
  • jean leloup - je joue de la guitare
  • mala rodriguez - lo facil cae ligero
  • mansions on the moon - she makes me feel
  • max leonidas - sta sera
  • nubla - malquerida
  • saint privat - somebody to love (uko remix)
  • the knife - silent shout
  • trentemoller moan (ft. ane trolle)
  • william fitzsimmons - so this is goodbye (pink ganter remix)
On another note, I took posession of 二月niji's Sketchbook, so I'll start working on that now.


二月niji said...

a playlist for us!? that makes me want to do one too!!! (hm...)

barbaraluel said...

Yess indeed what a great idea!!! Cannt wait to get it!!!

jennifer kraska said...

LOVE this idea......can't wait!

Marty Harris said...

BRILLIANT!! Love the flash drive idea.