Monday, December 6, 2010

Moly_x_3 what now?

Moly_x_3 what now?
Hi! I got my book, yeah, and I am ready to start. But I was wondering what should be the theme of the book? Maybe something inspired by Australia as this Moly_x_3 started out there? Any suggestions? Ideas? Would love some input.



benconservato said...

What do you love?
I have a moleskine in my possession that is all about pigs... why not?

Anonymous said...

Hi to one and all!
Well my notebook is going to Barbara today! The jiffy bag is sealed and it will soon be in the lap of the Gods or to be more precise the hands of the Italian postal system . . .

So I am awaiting a book from Penny or Emma . . it's all very exciting stuff, isn't it?! :-)

二月niji said...

many of us here went themeless and that's quite alright, too. just go with your instinct, and we'll follow whatever inspired you. ゝ∀・

I'd love to see some pictures (if you took/scanned any) and your story of it!