Saturday, December 18, 2010

Working on Niniji's Book

It's been raining for the last couple of days in LA, which normally would be an extraordinary event, but we've been participating in a new reality show called "Weather Swap" and it seems that this season we've swapped with Seattle. Regardless, the rain is the perfect excuse to stay home and work on Niniji's Songlines/Luna Sea sketchbook a bit.

I found the little section that talks about Bruce Chatwin's trip to Australia with a pile of the last little black notebooks.

I also added another Daruma to her little collection. I think that stamp is a souvenir I bought at Tokyu Hands on my last trip to Japan. I didn't black out one of its eyes, so it's ready to receive a wish from anyone.

Lastly, I've decided that a mermaid would be in keeping with the Luna/Sea theme, I've only penciled her in, so still very much work in progress, I'll re-post something later when she's closer to completion. I'll probably leave the sea and sky unfinished to let someone add more sea creatures to that mix, since I'm spreading out on more than my 2-3 pages allotment. but I'm hoping that we'll keep drawing around/over/into each other's sketches.


二月niji said...

your mermaid is enticingly beautiful... !! thank you >////<

we are going to be stuck in this weather for a few more days...

二月niji said...

speaking of Luna Sea (not really~ lol)... we are about to miss out on a total lunar eclipse tonight due to the rain.

but then, having more than four days of rain in a row in California is a rare astronomical event too. (and my yard is turning into a sea)

I included two little monkey stamps I bought many many years ago on my trip back to Taiwan as a small gift to oO. The smaller one was just from a tiny stationary store down the block. The larger one (in which the pattern looks like traditional Chinese paper cutting) was from museum I visited that was all about the making of paper.